About Company

BITERMO has grown from a small company which embarked on its path in 1989. Along with the company’s growth, the request for complex problem solutions also grew. We at BITERMO, took the new tasks seriously and can now offer the customer universal solutions regarding construction and above all renovation, including engineering, construction and installation work, turnkey solutions as well as business financing, if necessary.

As our company has developed over the years, we have come to realize that more and more people wish to live, work and spend their free time in a pleasant environment. At BITERMO, we help to create such environments. We are able to facilitate our work with a broad spectrum of dedicated employees, all with the common wish to create pleasant living and working spaces.

The development of the company is based on quality which is continuously scrutinized by daily life. 


Company card

Full name
Bitermo, podjetje za inženirske storitve d.o.o.
Short name
Bitermo d.o.o.
Adress Liminjanska cesta 115
City Lucija
ZIP code 6320 Portorož
Director Andrej Bizjak, univ. dipl. ekon.

Indetification data

Registration number 5288681
Identification number for DDV SI81043899
Bank account SI56101000032346488 (BANKA KOPER D.D.)
SI56031351005838042 (SKB BANKA D.D.)